140205 Chunji’s Solo for Teen Top’s ARENA TOUR 2014 in Nagoya (First Love by Utada Hikaru)

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For #julialight and all new fans ^-^

Okay… lets get started… TEEN TOP aka that 6 dorks with baby face and soul of a gangster



You know… there was once a girl who told me… “all I know about Teen Top is that there is a hot one, a cute one, a leader who looks great shirtless and holding bats, there is Niel, a giraffe and the sixth member” xDD LOL

And it was so accurate!!! hahaha

1.- So first we have the leader Bang Minsoo aka C.A.P image

Who like I said looks great shitless and holding bats like SERIOUSLY


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When changjo praises chunji…




It started with a little bit of flirting

Then a brave confession telling him that he was the only one in his heart

After being accepted, they went on a date



DJ: Chunji what is your favorite song in the new albun?

Chunji: “Missing You”

DJ: What kind of message does it convey?

Chunji: There is an ex, but you move your ex´s image onto your new girlfriend. It´s a bad boy song.

Everyone: OH, Chunji hyung…

Chunji: why me? why?

DJ: There is a…



131116 Teen Top Daegu Fansign End Talk

Angels: Happy birthday!

Chunji: Yes, the fansign has ended…

Angels: Awwwh, nooo!

Chunji: I didn’t say we’d be leaving!

Angels: WHOOO

Chunji: Should we just sleep here?

Angels: YES!

Chunji: But we have to [go] celebrated Changjo’s birthday…

Angels: ??

Chunji: That’s right, aint it?

Angels: ?? .. Happy birthday!

Chunji: Should we say goodbye?

Angels: Nooo! ㅠㅠ

Chunji: We’re not going?

Angels: Don’t go!

*endless dslr clicks*

Chunji: Is this a press conference?

Angels: Yes!

Chunji: But there should be flashes too! (Angels so pro they don’t need flash ^^)

Angels: ?? .. Flash?

Chunji: You can’t use it?

Angels: Whut? Huh?

Angels: Happy birthday, happy birthday!

Ricky: Happy birthday to you~

Angels: ㅋㅋㅋ whut u doin?

Niel: Yes, now we’ve also sung..

Angels: Awwwwh ㅠㅠ Birthday cake! Birthday cake!

Chunji: Birthday cake? *looks around* *checks fangift boxes*

Angel: Don’t look for cakes there!

Chunji: How did you know?

Angels: ?? ..from the front! (told him to hit Changjo?)

Chunji: He’ll get hurt if I hit him - my dongsaeng. My dongsaeng will feel pain, I can’t!

Angels: It’s love! It’s love! Not wanting to hit him.

Chunji: I can’t hurt my dongsaeng. We will go now! 

Angels: Awwwh

Chunji (to Ricky): Your beard has grown a lot!

Angels: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Chunji: This has been Teen Top!



(26:30 - 27:32)

wookie: ljoe said he doesn’t have a girl he likes at the moment

ljoe: yes there’s no one

wookie: really?

ljoe: yeah, i recently stopped it

wookie: aah, stopped it..

ljoe: i don’t really watch much tv, i just stopped it

chunji: you watch tv all the time!

niel: LIES!



(4:58 - 7:44)

wookie: chunji is the most popular in japan!

chunji: naaaah…… well yes

wookie: why?

chunji: rather than liking manly guys, japanese people like pretty boys

niel: see! he’s calling himself pretty

chunji: i’m not sayin that myself, it’s just that’s the kinda guys they seem to…



[131108] Ricky and Changjo admissions for Seoul Hoseo Art Occupational Training College

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You’re all that i’m thinking of…

You’re all that i’m thinking of…